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Here at Mantra Sport, we want to do more than just design. We want to share our personal insights into creative business, offer tips to emerging sports designers, and give recognition to other creatives whose work celebrates sport. That’s why we’ve created a space dedicated purely to exploring the creative landscape of sports design, and the work of those who lead in, and contribute to, this exciting field.  

SEASON x UNITY: SEASON's First T-Shirt Collaboration Celebrating Creatives in Football

Football has this incredible power to bring people - from all walks of life - closer together. Both on and off the field. From playing footie with mates in the park, to watching it on the living room TV with family, to celebrating your team’s triumph at the pub with friends, to playing for your local or national team, football helps us connect with others. Unity, in the context of football, means all of the above. It means friendship. It means celebration. It means community. Having launched just yesterday, 'UNITY' is SEASON zine's first T-shirt collection, which MANTRA Sport were asked to contribute to! Read more...


T-Shirt Collab Celebrating Creatives in Football

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