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Entorse Mag, Football Beyond Borders Identity, Nike Welcome Book & More! (May-Aug 2020)

Written by

Dawn Broadbent


Here at Mantra Sport, not only do we want our blog to be a space where we can show the inner-workings of our projects, but also for it to be a platform that showcases the talent of other creatives designing for the sports sector. We want to celebrate all the incredible sports designers, photographers, and film-makers out there, who we believe deserve recognition and applause for their work. We’ve taken pleasure in speaking with and featuring exclusive interviews with a few of the top creatives in the field on our blog. But we’re also keen to give specific projects a spotlight of their own and credit these as and when they’re published in our special quarterly feature we're calling, Project Picks!

In our seventh edition of Project Picks, we want to share with you some more of our favourites from creatives designing sports-focussed content. All projects featured in this celebratory post were published between May and August 2020. From a distinctive magazine shedding light on the basketball scene in France, a beautiful collection of posters dedicated to sports legends, to a brand refresh for education charity, Football Beyond Borders, these projects are some of the most innovative and exciting we've seen and felt inspired by in the last few months. In turn, we hope these picks will inspire you and have you itching to get back to your workspace to produce more creative work of your own!

Ball Player by DEBUT

Ball Player is the latest creative venture of DEBUT - a basketball brand created by graphic designer, Jorge Espinosa. Ball Player is domestic cosy apparel dedicated to celebrating the spirit, art, and love of hoops. In their own words, DEBUT describe their latest clothing venture as ‘poetry in motion’.


The clothing brand is rather minimalist but perfectly executed. The swish hand-written word mark features across all items in a contemporary blue and white colour scheme. The brand oozes chicness and youth. It feels as though the brand is stepping out of their comfort zone with their latest apparel - substituting detailed illustrations and animations with divine type and simple colours. It’s another stunning piece of work from the team at DEBUT. 

NIKE: Create with Air Max by Matteus de Faria Vilas Boas

Immersed in the world of cycling, founders of Conductor Studio , MJ Jackson and Jonathon Davies combine their passions for design and cycling to work with leading brands within the sport. Their projects are driven by telling inspirational stories and creating exceptional brands.


Having worked with Rouleur for a number of years across multiple projects. From designs for the magazine to content for the Rouleur Classic, Conductor Studio have been commissioned by the well-known cycling magazine for many years. Their latest collaboration saw the team create a series of art prints and apparel that re-imagine the legendary climbs of the Grand Tours.


Legendary climbs such as Zoncolan, Angliru and Ventoux strike fear and wonder in equal measure. Conductor presented the climb profiles in a way that added to their mystique and created a desirable art collection that would feel at home in the pain cave or the living room.

GRID Sports Posters by Danilo De Marco

Danilo De Marco is a Graphic Designer and Creative Director of Studio K95 - a creative agency based in Catania. Danilo started K95 with the assistance of Marco Giannì and Dario Leonardi. The graphic studio brings a graphic style that competes internationally. 


Their distinct style is no more evident than in this sports project. Here, the team created a beautiful collection of posters dedicated to sports legends. From Kobe Bryant, Pelé, Roger Federer, Usain Bolt to Michael Jordan, the series is vast and thoughtfully created. Each poster uses a unique and complex grid inspired by the lines and shapes of balls, courts, pitches and technical equipment used in sports. Each one details facts about the player’s background, sports history, and career accomplishments. The colours are dynamic and bold. Overall, this is a stunning project, methodically put together. Graphic design at its finest!

Football Beyond Borders (Brand Identity) by Alphabet Design

Football Beyond Borders is an education charity, which uses the power of football to support disadvantaged young people in the UK. They are passionate about helping those who are disengaged in school finish their education, with the skills and grades needed to make a successful transition into adulthood. 


Manchester-based design agency, Alphabet Design, worked with FBB to refreshen their brand. This included updating the colour palette, photography, typography, and creating a variety of graphic elements to bring the personality and culture of the charity to life. Alphabet have created a bespoke hand-rendered iconography pack, inspired by the young people involved in the charity. The versatile icons, combined with the typography and imagery, create a bold set of graphics. Also, the newly introduced typographic system allows headlines to be generated in a structured way, whilst bringing diversity with each piece of messaging. Deliverables use a combination of imagery treatments, typography and hand-written lettering. The result is a bold and vibrant identity to celebrate strength and confidence. 


Overall, Alphabet have successfully built an identity framework that delivers the message of FBB across all channels. Certainly, the new identity carries FBB on their journey from two people to a hundred, and even further.

Nike Welcome Book by Midi Quinze

Midi Quinze is a creative agency that specialises in branding. Co-founded in 2017, by Romain Belleville and Jérémie Boeglin, the studio create brand identities, art directions, packaging, fonts, illustrations, websites, motion designs, and editorial. They work with a variety of clients from startups to global brands like Converse, Nike, Carhartt Wip, and the French Football Federation. 


Earlier this year Midi Quinze created editorial items for employees at Nike France. The project involved art direction and branding of a welcome kit including two booklets, stickers, and series of cards, all assembled by hand in an individual envelope. This was a limited edition of 250 numbered copies. The project is simple yet elegant in design. But what really makes this kit stand out is the printing process. From embossing to the foil stamping, the packaging for Nike reflects their positive ethos and winner’s mentality. Overall, this is a stunning branding and packaging project. 

So we hope you enjoyed scrolling through our favourite sports design projects from various different creatives in our latest edition of Project Picks. We look forward to seeing what the rest of the year has in store for these few talented sports designers and hopefully continue to showcase their work on our blog. Of course, if you’re working on something and would like for us to see it don’t hesitate to get in touch. You could be featured on our next round of Project Picks!

Written by

Dawn Broadbent