Five Professional Athletes

with Inspiring YouTube Channels

Written by

Dawn Broadbent


Since launching in 2005, YouTube has become the biggest video-sharing platform to take over the Internet. However, what was once the platform of independent creators is now making way for more traditional content as many celebrities jump on the YouTube bandwagon. In particular, many sporting figures have created their own YouTube channels in recent years; breaking down the glamorous facade and letting fans see the honest day-to-day reality of their professional careers. And if, like me, you’re curious about the lives of professional athletes - their training regimes, their nutrition and recovery, their future ambitions, as well as how they cope with the mental pressures that come with their sport and being in the public eye - then you’ll certainly want to take a look at the YouTube channels of these five sports veterans! 

Anthony Joshua

Anthony Joshua is a British professional boxer and former world heavyweight champion. He created his YouTube channel is 2017 and now has almost 500k subscribers. Upon creating content, Joshua stated, “I think that any message needs a good story and this is mine. We’re on a journey to Undisputed. See how we’re getting there with access all areas.” With titles like “Do It For Passion” and “Align Purpose With Vision”, Joshua’s channel comprises of short inspirational videos to spur on the next generation of athletes, as well as exclusive footage to full fights, training camps, personal announcements, and interviews. His videos offer a great insight into the daily life of a professional boxer; the peaks and troughs of training, the mental struggles, and the things that keep him motivated to keep fighting and defend his titles. 

Gwen Jorgensen

Gwen Jorgensen is an American distance runner and former pro triathlete. We've shouted about her channel before but we'll do it again! With insights into her training sessions, diet and nutrition, race reviews, family life, and much more, Gwen’s channel is a real treasure for aspiring endurance athletes. She shows fans how all these elements knit together to help her accomplish on the track and the importance of maintaining work / life balance. And having recently switched disciplines, as well as rehabilitating after serious injury, her channel has really diversified its content over the last few months, offering even more advice and knowledge to athletes on similar journeys. A fearless female pro, Gwen’s journey is definitely worth following!

Kevin Durant

Anyone who’s a basketball fan knows KD. Kevin Durant is an American professional NBA basketball player for the Brooklyn Nets. Having only joined YouTube in 2017, Kevin has already grown his subscriber count to 780k. He started his channel to show his fans his life both ‘on and off the hardwood’. His channel consists of training tips, Q&As, and short documentaries. In particular, his ongoing series ‘The Boardroom’, designed for insiders and sports fans alike, brings fans inside the business of sports. Through candid conversations with athletes, tech moguls, and sports executives, Durant takes a look at what’s really changing the game. Undoubtedly, his channel offers a raw perspective into the life of an NBA star. 

Mo Farah

The most successful British track athlete in modern Olympic Games history, Mo Farah is the 2012 and 2016 Olympic gold medalist in both the 5000m and 10,000m. Having only joined YouTube in 2017, the marathon runner has already grown his channel to 123k subscribers. The veteran says he started his YT channel as a way to ‘give advice to aspiring runners on what they can do to improve themselves.’ With a mixture of training vlogs, nutrition and recovery tips, Q&As, and raw footage from sessions, his channel certainly does just that! His videos are short and to the point, offering useful tips to aspiring athletes without sugar coating it. It’s clear Mo wants to be honest with his fans about what it takes to reach elite level in running and the many different components and sacrifices that come with it. A great watch for any endurance athletes out there!

Tom Daley

The face of British diving and double World Champion, Tom Daley, started his YouTube channel back in 2010 and has since grown it to over 800k subscribers. 

His channel mainly comprises of vlogs, exercise tutorials, recipes and food challenges, as well as behind-the-scenes competition videos. With his exuberant personality, Daley’s channel is definitely the most light-hearted of our shortlist. In fact, he almost makes competing at elite level in diving look like it’s all fun and games! In particular, his training vlogs offer a great insight into his day-to-day reality; what his dryland and pool sessions look like, how he works with his team, his nutrition and recovery, as well as how he spends his downtime. His channel is certainly refreshing and good fun to watch, regardless of whether you're an aspiring athlete or not. 

So as more and more professional athletes, among other celebrities, create their own YouTube channels, fans are able to gain a real insight into the life of these stars, dismantling the mystifying aura created by the media and paparazzi, and engaging with their fans in a more direct way. We hope you feel as inspired by their content as we do and gain plenty of training tips for your own sporting journeys - whatever that may be! Or if you're not an athlete yourself we hope, if nothing else, these channels provide you with a bit of that all important 'Monday motivation!' 

Written by

Dawn Broadbent